St John's RC Church, Chorlton

The Church of Our Lady and St John the Evangelist

Rev. Patrick McMahon
St John's Presbytery
High Lane
M21 9EE


Fr McMahon is always available to speak to after Mass, or can be contacted by phone. 

Job references

If you would like to name Fr McMahon as a referee on an application form, please speak to him in person (not by telephone or email) before completing the form.

Copies of Certificates

If you require copies of Baptism certificates, Freedom to marry etc. please write the details on a note and hand them to Fr McMahon. If you have moved out of the area and are unable to travel to St John's, you may send the details in via the message service and we will contact you shortly.

If your enquiry is not for Fr Mac and does not require an immediate response, you may send a message using the form below and we will respond as soon as we can. 

Please note, this website is updated remotely, by a parishioner. Emails or messages via this site will not go to church or Fr McMahon. If you need to contact him directly, please see him in person, or ring the presbytery.

Contact us

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St John's Church, High Lane, Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester. M21 9EE. 0161 881 3558.
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